Joining a Class


Joining a Class:-  Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear?                                                                                                                Loose comfortable clothing so you can move freely: Flat shoes are advisable: bring a blanket or mat for Meditation and Floor work.

Am I well enough to do TaijiQuan and/or QiGong?
If you can tie your own shoelaces and carry a small bag of shopping home from your local shops then you are probably well enough to do the classes. If you have a serious or long-term medical condition then you should phone to discuss it before attending.

Will doing TaijiQuan/QiGong make me better?
Like anything else, it only works if you practice it. One class a week can make a significant difference to your health, but a little practice each day, coupled with some modest changes to your posture and habits can make a very substantial difference, often in a surprisingly short time.

How do the Foundation Tai Chi & Qigong classes and the Tai Chi Courses differ?
Both Taijiquan and QiGong classes contain detailed and specific physical and mental exercises based on the principles of Yin and Yang, with the function of activating the DanTian, opening the Meridians and expelling negative, stale and stagnant Qi. Both also contain various Meditation techniques, Spontaneous Movement techniques and philosophical teaching.

However, the Tai Chi Courses include Form (continuous sequential movement), partner work and Martial applications (but no sparring or fighting) wheras the Foundation Tai Chi & Qigong classes concentrate primarily on Taiji based Exercises and Principles for the individual health circumstances of the practitioner. These classes of coures provide a foundation for a much better understanding of the Tai Chi Form courses. The Tai Chi Form courses are based on 10 week Terms and the fee is £110 per term in advance: the Foundation Tai Chi & Qigong classes can be taken individually on a drop-in basis and cost £12 per class.

What if I can't come every week or straight away?
We recommend doing some 
Foundation Tai Chi & Qigong classes before starting a Tai Chi Course. It will give you both a preparation and a taste of the classes before commiting to a Term of study. Once you decide to start a Tai Chi course you should choose a class to register at and attend first. If you miss a class that week, then you may be able to attend one of the other venues. Generally, on the Taijiquan courses, you should be able to attend at least 6 out of every 10 lessons in order to make your studies worthwhile. This does not apply to the QiGong classes which can be taken individually on a drop-in basis. 

What if I've done some Tai Chi or TaijiQuan or Qigong or Chi Kung before?
If you have some previous experience you can phone to discuss it and/or make an appointment for a trial class at a mutually convenient time.  Since Tai Chi and Qigong tuition are highly variable in both content and quality previous experience may or may not be relevant. It is only possible to assess this by attendance at class.

What are the fees?                                                                                                                   Tai Chi Course 10 week term is £110: Foundation Tai Chi & Qigong single drop-in class is £12.                                  QiGong & Tai Chi together (same night) is £180 per 10 week Term: Couples Discount - 10%

What if I can't afford the fees all at once?                                                                              Standard fee for a single 10 week term is £110, payable in full at the end of the first evening. If, after taking the first trial class, you do not wish to join then there is no charge. We are prepared to negotiate split payments or discounts for students experiencing difficult financial circumstances , but only after completion of a trial class.

What should I do now if I want to join?
Foundation classes you can just turn up, although it would be nice to know in advance if/when you are coming. For the Tai Chi Courses,  you must attend on the start date and let us know in advance that you are coming.