is a sophisticated Qigong system of self healing and self development based entirely on and developed from the fundamentals of TaijiQuan.

Taijiwuxigong was the most famous and successful Qigong system in China during the 1980's. It is a qigong and exercise system based on and developed entirely from Taiji, that has been researched and refined for more than 50 years. It uses Daoyin exercises and Spontaneous Movement to activate the Dantian, clean the meridian system and expel Binqi. It was chosen as the most effective qigong system at the 1988 World Qigong Congress held in Peking. It has more to offer than just health and happiness!

Taijiwuxigong can be considered to be like taking a microscope to the practice of Taiji and focussing in great detail on the development and understanding of the experience of moving chi in the body. It can also be viewed as the medical aspect of Taiji, particularly in that the exercises can be modified and prescribed to fit the health circumstances of the individual practitioner.

Taijiwuxigong is a simple but profound system for self-healing, the benefits of which can be experienced by everyone even after a short period of practice. By practicing Taijiwuxigong one can stay young and healthy, improve mental, athletic and artistic abilities and even cure illness.

The goal of Taijiwuxigong is self-healing and self-regulation of the body and mind                                             by using three types of exercises:

Spontaneous Movement

Daoyin Exercises


Spontaneous Dancing

Spontaneous Movement

Spontaneous movement can be induced by exercise using a special body posture that allows the practitioner to connect to a vibrational force from the earth; the earth force. This force is used to activate the energy centre in the lower abdomen (the Dantian). The activated Dantian creates spontaneous movements in the body. The results of the exercises are:

  • Stretching and strengthening of the spinal column.
  • Removal of pathogenic factors (Binqi).
  • Release of physical and mental stress.

Green Guanyin Mantra

DaoYin Exercises

Daoyin are simple exercises with the function of expelling pathogenic factors from specific parts of the body. In order to qualify as a DAOYIN EXERCISE there must be aspects of control and direction of physical shape, mental concentration and modulation of sound or breathing. The word Daoyin also contains the concept of firing an arrow at a target, i.e. the exercise has a point or aim.

Chan Meditation


In the Taijiwuxigong system meditation is often performed while lying down. This type of exercise helps to release mental tension. Additionally, it increases the sensitivity of the body.

Practice of Taijiwuxigong leads to activation of the Dantian. An active Dantian helps to expel pathogenic factors from the body. Subsequently, the energy channels are cleared and opened one by one. As a consequence the small, the large and the left-right energy circulations can develop. In the last stage the development is on the mental and spiritual level, through which latent mental functions are activated.

Practice of Taijiwuxigong removes blockages and lets everything flow freely, allowing the practitioner to become vibrant, radiant and happy.

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