Christmas Chill

"Taiji Christmas Chill-Out"

Escape the frenzy and chill out 

Sunday 20th Dec @ Colman Redland Hall, Reigate RH2 0NA   MAP

Morning Session   10am ≈ 12.30pm

Extended Christmas Lunch Break 

Afternoon Session   2pm ≈ 4.30pm

A Festive Selection of

Taiji & Qigong Incorporating:- 

Posture, Stretching, Breathing, Sound, 

Daoyin Exercises, Spontaneous Movement.

Lying down Exercises & Meditation, Buqi Healing, Qi Pa Kua

Christmas Festive Fees: 

£25 per session or £45 for the day

Taiji Santa

H'ung Ha  H'ae Heeee!