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Update 6 December 2021 

6 December 2021 Update

 Hello all

Sorry about the short notice but I have to cancel all classes because I've just tested positive for Covid

Strangely I have no loss of smell or taste and thought it was just baad flu

The hall is there and paid for if you want to use it, but even if it was flu I'm too weak to attend and don't want to risk your health.

Anyway I'm sure you can do without me for one lesson and I hope you will want to use it.

Stay safe and well, and in case I don't see you before, 

Happy Christmas and New Year!

Best Wishes 

Further Updates will follow as and when required.

I wish you and yours all the best in these challenging times. Meanwhile, stay safe and well


Change is a universal constant, happening before, throughout and after our lives, which are shaped by the constant flux of yin and yang, so it helps to learn to understand and to manage it better, both within and without. In this respect,

nothing outperforms Tai Chi and QiGong.

Benefit from all of the 4 levels of existence and authentic Taiji study, 
Body, Energy, Mind & Spirit

HeavenMountain Taijiquan

Tai Chi Union of Great Britain Senior Member: Quality Teaching for over 25 Years

This website is designed to be both practical and informative. We hope it will help you to find out about these fascinating yet culturally challenging subjects and, if you wish, how to study them with us.  

You'll find among these pages an abundance of information about Tai Chi Ch'uan, Yin & Yang, Taijiwuxigong, Chi Kung, QiGong, Buqi and Meditation. 

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The Curious Case of UK Trademarking                       of the term "Health Qigong" 

Dr. Shen Hongxun R.I.P

A Brief Introduction To Heaven Mountain

Heaven Mountain Taijiquan College is named after the mountainous area of XinJiang in Northern China where my late teacher, Dr. Shen Hongxun, lived as a young man. We teach authentic Taijiquan, Taiji 37, TaijiWuxiGong, E-Mei Qigong, Buqi Healing and Meditation as beneficial and accessible systems of self-healing and exercise for all. Our goal is to improve the health and well-being of students and to provide quality information to enhance and spread the understanding, development and acceptance of these systems in particular and Tai Chi and Qigong in general. We offer regular local classes and workshops, along with residential and international courses in Taijiquan, TaijiWuxiGong, E-Mei Qigong and Buqi Healing, a non-invasive form of Energy Healing.   

College Director Paul Brewer explains:-                                  "Both Taijiquan and Taijwuxigong are highly efficient exercise systems. The study of Tai Chi in particular often begins with the slow continuous sequence of movements commonly known as 'Form' but, unlike most other schools, Heaven Mountain concentrates, as Taiji did originally, on the qualities of the individual postures. Training includes detailed study of their specific physical structure and energetic content and their martial and energetic applications, often combined with partner practice for sensitivity. 

Qigong uses the same background body of knowledge and skills, so it can be considered to be the basic mechanics of Taijiquan, but focuses primarily on self-healing and development. Both work by activating the dantian, the central component of the energy system, causing an increased energy level throughout the body. 

This increased 'energy pressure' assists in clearing the meridians and channels of obstructions, by expelling stagnant and stale factors in the body that we refer to as Negative Qi or BinQi, which can lead to rapid and highly beneficial physical and emotional changes.                                                           By practising methods developed over many years we can become more flexible, mobile, aware, more alive and vital in all senses. Through meditation, (part of the mental aspect of practice) we develop more acute sensory abilities while learning to calm the emotions and quieten the mind. 

Primary consideration is given to the physical practice of stretching the spine, opening the joints and correcting the posture, thereby increasing the flow of blood, hormonal and nervous information and Qi which nourishes the organs. 

Both Concentration and Relaxation are improved.

It is interesting, entertaining, enjoyable and highly beneficial to learn, and no special equipment, unusual skills or uniforms are required."  

© Paul Brewer/Heaven Mountain October 2021


I have been one of Paul’s students for approximately 2 1/2 years.  Historically I have had pain in the patella tendon due to an operation a few years ago and it was beginning to impact on my Tai Chi and my life.  I had tried various forms of pain relief from accupuncture to anti-inflammatories, and although I experienced temporary pain relief nothing seemed to really address the root cause.  A friend suggested that I see him for a Buqi treatment.  I have to admit to being a bit reluctant to begin with as I just couldn’t see how it could possibly get rid of the pain, but as nothing else was actually working I eventually booked an appointment.  It turned out to be the most amazing treatment I have experienced, I could actually feel something releasing, and the result speaks for itself, the next morning I suddenly realised that as I was going downstairs there was no pain!  Having experienced a Buqi treatment it will now always be my first option.  I cannot recommend it highly enough. Thank you Paul!  Paddy

I recently attended a private class with Paul Brewer, having practiced Taijiquan for about 16 years and ZiFa Gong, a form of Spontaeous Qigong Movement, for about 11 years. After already having attended hundreds of classes with "Masters", "Grandmasters" and even "Grandgrandmasters" over the last decade I have to say that Pauls Teaching was one of very best I ever attended and it revealed some completely new fields of study for my personal development in Taijiquan. Besides Paul being a very friendly and pleasure-to-work-with person he has great insight in the art and the ability to adapt the practice to your personal abilities.  Markus Maria Wagner, Germany 

I am writing to say how much I am enjoying the Tai Chi class. As well as my original aim of improving my own own mental and physical awareness, I have found that my body seems to be correcting itself. I used to suffer from a lower back problem that resurfaced intermittently. I am now aware of a significant reduction in muscle tension together with an increase in energy. After practising, and at the end of a class, I feel like I have the body of a child again. My spine feels longer and I can move freely. Tai Chi is also something I can take away with me and help myself with, due to your expert tuition. Many thanks for helping me to feel physically young again. Kevin