Spontaneous Movement

Workshop: Spontaneous Movement

Dates:  Sunday 14th July 

Time: 10am – 4.30pm

Venue: Colman Redland Centre, Croydon Rd, Reigate, Surrey RH2 0NA 

Fees & Details: see below        

Spontaneous Movement

We rarely notice that spontaneous movements are an everyday part of our life. Our heartbeat, breathing and digestive movements are all natural spontaneous movements, which restore balance to the body and function as an auto-regulatory system, for example by blinking when the eyes get too dry, coughing when the throat is disturbed, etc. 

However, through the practice of Taiji exercises using specific body posture, mental concentration and breathing, we can induce spontaneous movements which can spread throughout the body. These induced spontaneous movements can cause reactions including body movements and emotional releases by correcting the Qi and expelling negative factors.

Movement can develop through the body, starting with vibrations, progressing to jumping, kneeling, prostrating, other beautiful movements like dancing or martial postures, or sitting or lieing quietly. Quietening of the mind in this state releases negative emotional information. Belching, yawning, shouting, laughing, crying, sweating,  screaming, sighing and other reactions can often accompany these emotional releases. 

Physical and emotional tensions which have accumulated in the body   can be eliminated, and the emotional state can change from negative to positive. Spontaneous movement can help in athletic competition and in artistic disciplines such as calligraphy, dancing, acting, singing, painting, and can very often improve cases of chronic and difficult diseases. It is a natural function of the body which can keep us healthy and even cure illness if we understand how to use it. 

Spontaneous Movement is also one of the fundamental components in the practice of both Taiji 37 and Taijiwuxigong, cleansing the internal energy system by clearing the meridians and enabling greatly increased Qi flow.

The day will be an entertaining and challenging mixture of spontaneous movement work, stretching, meditation, practical exercises, philosophy and information transmission. It is also enjoyable to practice. Spontaneous Movement is suitable for all, so come and try it with us. The day is open to all, but Advance booking to ensure places is recommended for non-college students.  

Level: All

Fees: £60 all day, £30 am or pm session  -  payable on the day:    

Times: 10am ≈ 1pm:  Lunch break ≈ 1pm - 2pm  2pm ≈ 4.30pm 

Bring a blanket for floor exercises and /or Meditation: 

Tea is provided but you must B.Y.O. lunches or go out for lunch