Sound & Vibration

Gong Vibe

Workshop:   Sound & Vibration

Date: Sunday 10th June

Time: 10.30am – 4.30pm

Venue:                            Colman Redland Centre, 

Croydon Rd, Reigate, Surrey 

RH2 0NA 

Fees & Details: see below         

Sound Daoyin: using Sound & Mantra 

The ancient Chinese knew about the curative powers of sound and developed techniques to use the vibrations of the human voice for self- treatment. These healing techniques are known as Sound Daoyin. Part of the seminar will cover the practice of five specific healing sounds traditionally used in China to treat the five organs.

When we use our voice to make any sound it always creates it’s own unique internal movement within the body. As sound waves travel through the channels and meridians they send information to the body's tissue and organs. 

The vibration of different sounds can act like an internal massage. This cleanses and heals body tissues and organs by driving out negative factors and releasing tension. This practice can produce strong and rapid changes in the body and the internal energy system, clearing stale and negative factors from the body at all four levels; physical, energetic, mental and spiritual, leaving one cleansed, revitalised, invigorated and lightened. 

These fascinating exercises are also great fun to do while at the same time showing us how to develop our dantian force to improve the range and quality of our voice.

As sound and breathing are inseparable the exercises allow us to understand the role of breathing force within the body. Everyone can benefit from the Sound Daoyin: from professional singers to people simply would like to ‘find’ their voice. 

During this course we will apply Sound and Movement in a variety of ways that will help us to discover and free previously far unheard potential in voice and body.

It is also enjoyable to practice ;-)

Come and try it with us: The day is open to all, but 

Advance booking to ensure places is recommended for non-college students.  

Level: All

Fees: £30 per session (am or pm) or £55 / day  -  payable on the day:   

Times: 10am ≈ 1pm:  Lunch break ≈ 1pm - 2pm  2pm ≈ 4.30pm 

Bring a blanket for floor exercises and /or Meditation: 

Tea is provided but you must B.Y.O. lunches or go out for lunch

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