Shen Jin Teaching Dates


Dates for Shen Jin Teachings in the UK Belgium and Holland for 2017

Contact  Will  for further information on courses in France and Norway    

    and general enquiries or questions for all of the courses with Shen Jin.


Details of all Shen Jin's Teaching can be found here  


6 - 9 July    TWG Teacher Training Valence France 

22 - 25 July   - Taiji 37 Standing Postures, Bristol

29 July - 2 August TWG Residential Seminar Ghent

3-6 August  T37 Residential Seminar Ghent  

16-20 August - Buqi Diagnosis, Oslo (NO)

23-27 August E-Mei Ghent

16 - 17 Sept     Bristol Weekend Subject tbc

SJ Tian Zhi