Dates List

Last updated  3/6/17

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This is our most up to date listing and supersedes any older printed matter.  However, if you are in any doubt, it is best to check bookings before travelling.  This listing is Dates & Locations only: For booking details please go to Workshops

Dates for 2017


Sun 4 June     A Day of Healing Qigong     CRH Reigate 

Sun 11  June    San Sou APS Bristol 10am - 4.30pm

Sun 9 July          Sound Daoyin           CRH Reigate

Summer Classes and Break Schedule

22 - 25  July       Bristol Taiji 37 Course with Shen Jin

29 July - 2 August     Taijiwuxigong Residential Seminar Ghent 

3-6 August     Taiji 37 Residential Seminar Ghent

23-27 August       E-Mei Residential Seminar Ghent

Sun 3 Sept       E-Mei Qigong         CRH Reigate 

Sun 24 Sept        Sound Journey & Mantra        CRH Reigate

Sun 15 Oct        Interactive Taijiquan      CRH Reigate 

S/S 28 - 29 Oct    Interactive Taijiquan       APS Bristol

Sun 12 Nov        Spontaneous Movement       CRH Reigate 

Sun 3 Dec            Taiji Chill            CRH Reigate